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Five Tips For Packing Smart

We have all been there… your dream vacation is only one week away but your “Things to Pack” list is still sitting on the kitchen counter with nothing checked off and your clothes are spread out all over the living room floor... And let's just forget about those errands you have to run for a minute!

Here’s your top five tips and tricks for packing smart:

1. Pack light, travel lighter & worry-free: Stuffing everything into one bag doesn’t seem ideal, but if you can fit everything you need in one carry-on you might thank yourself later. You’ll be walking with your luggage more than you think and they do say “less is more” right? If you pack everything in one 9” x 21” x 14” carry-on, it will fit right into your airplanes overhead bin and it will be less likely to get lost, broken, or stolen in transit. It’s a good feeling! You can also try packing lighter and reserving a portion of your money to make fun, spontaneous purchases while on your trip!

2. Create Compartments and Capitalize on empty space: Aside from rolling your clothes and stuffing your socks and accessories inside of your shoes, there are other things you can do to capitalize on your suitcase space. Remember, leave no space unused! This is where bags become your best friend. Kitchen bags can be used to hold small accessories, vacuum pack bags or packing cubes can be space savers too. offers tons of packing essentials, but the packing cubes will definitely become your vacation staple necessity!

3. Share that suitcase space: Traveling with a significant other, family member, or friend? Try to consolidate and share one checked suitcase. Remember, carry on bags can be spacious and you can fit whatever might have not fit in the checked suitcase. On a side note, if you’re traveling with someone else, try dividing the clothes and items between two suitcases on the off chance one of the suitcases gets lost during a flight. I’d hate to say it but it happens!

4. Pack your favorite multi-tasking items: Pashmina scarfs are fashionable and can be used as a scarf, beach cover up, or a shawl during an evening out- but did you know it can also be used as a pillow or blanket on the plane? That black cotton headband that you’re using to hold back your hair can also be pulled over your eyes as a quick eye mask! Pack items you can get multiple uses out of to help you save space.

5. Start a Vacation folder and keep it in your carry on: This is especially important if you are traveling out of country. Make two copies of any important documents. Take photos of your passports, hotel, luggage or anything else you think is important, print them and place it all in the folder. As a travel agent, I think of all scenarios (even the ones that aren’t that great), so if your luggage is lost, your phone dies and your charge isn’t working - at least you have everything you’ll need to get you where you need to do.

And here are just few more important tips when traveling:

  • Check the weather before you pack and pack accordingly. Always bring one out of season outfit in case of a spontaneous change of weather.

  • Dress light the day you travel, it’s unlikely security will ask you to strip down, but the less you’re wearing, the easier and faster the security check will be.

  • Keep your valuables in your carry on. This includes an extra outfit just in case of issues with your luggage.

  • Save a little space in your luggage for any items you may purchase while on your vacation.

  • If you’re traveling out of the country, be sure to bring any necessary adapters. Most hotels have these available. Check before hand if you can.

  • Read your airports rules and regulations for what you can and can’t bring. This includes liquids and other items such as nail files and all-purpose pocket tools.

Thanks for reading and happy packing!

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